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There were never any stairs in front of me. There was only a Cliff.
That's why...if I'm going to jump down anyway,
I'll jump from the highest spot.
As high as possible, so that I can go as far as possible.
[• 花礫 •]

Manga Reviews

Thankfully got through a huge chunk of them for this week…


Next up are Magi, Shingeki no Kyojin,and Ao no Exorcist


Which I ashamedly noticed has an extra chapter that I didn’t review on last month…


Ah well. DOUBLE-EDITION reviewing then.


((I’ll be making graphics for it to make up for that. ^^; ))

homecastle replied to your photoset “My Life Compared to Yours… Oh boohoo, cry me a river. We finally…”

His Father was a traitor and thus thrown out. Also i think such a drastic Change from most powerful to powerless, combined with the Death of ones mother can make a person become like this. I think that Doffy has every right to be like he is!

To me, it does and it doesn’t.

Yes he definitely has every right to be mad at people like the Tenryuubito and World Government.

However that doesn’t make it right for him to involve and trample over the innocent, like the people of Dressrosa, The people nearly made into slaves at the Human Auction House in Sabody Archipeligo, and the children of Punk Hazard.

It’s no different to a child having a tantrum and then throwing his toys at a dog when grown ups scold him.

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