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There were never any stairs in front of me. There was only a Cliff.
That's why...if I'm going to jump down anyway,
I'll jump from the highest spot.
As high as possible, so that I can go as far as possible.
[• 花礫 •]

The Battlefield is neither a place for the faint of heart, nor the glorious stage of “heroes.”

It is the Denizen of Mad Men and Demons.

The Last 5 Standing

A Ghost of a Demon that overlooks the battlefield.

The pride of the Oniwabanshuu.

Guys that die for their Masters or their Kings are idiots, but…


Guys that die for their Pals, those are the biggest idiots of all, ain’t they?

Zenzou. 銀魂, Ch.509. Proof (Scar)

I had no idea….no idea….

忍び |versus| 浪人

The Inevitable Reunion

Manga Review…

FINALLY! I finished up 3 weeks worth of Gintama Manga Edits.


…Although I still have to edit the others..


BUT either way,I can now post them up. Hope you enjoy my belated continuation of Gintama fest~


Next up, the much belated written reviews (plus knk) ….

Koe no Katachi




Organic Link

Realizing the severity of the situation, Mard wastes no time in scraping up a few last minute trump cards to hasten the completion of their plans to revive their master; including the sacrifice of his most loyal subordinate.

Although it was already a given that he never cared for anyone in his guild after the severe punishment he’d enacted on Kyouka personally for showing signs of attachment to humans, she’d never thought he’d go so far as to use her as a sacrificial lamb in the end.

But blinded by her fear of her boss’ wrath, and loyalty to her supposed cause, she quickly puts aside her hesitation and does as she commands.

It’s plain to see that deep down she doesn’t want to do this, and is pretty much in the same boat as Erza when she’d tried to use herself as an organic link to the Tower of Heaven.

And knowing Erza she’ll probably see that right away while she continues her fight with one of Tartarus’ last stronghold demons.

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