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There were never any stairs in front of me. There was only a Cliff.
That's why...if I'm going to jump down anyway,
I'll jump from the highest spot.
As high as possible, so that can go as far as possible.
[• 花礫 •]

Who Was He Referring to…?
Gajeel? Natsu? Or both?

While it could just be a personal analogy that he’’s simply using, and I’m likely over-thinking things here ((as usual)), there’s the possibility that what he said might not be far from the truth.
I mean, considering the fact that mages are usually supposed to have only one magic in their possession, it’s rare to find those who have two.
And considering the fact that they are Dragon-Slayers who had obtained other Dragon-Slayer magic, maybe the fusion changed the properties to be something akin to what demons are.
Even their physical appearances resemble some of the Kyuukimon of Tartaros.
We’ll likely have to wait and see whether this simple phrase is just a metaphor or a hint of an ominous transformation in the future chapters to come, but I wouldn’t put it pass Mashima to use this as a potential plot device for another arc.
Pfft~! Lily’s got a new crush in Minerva it would seem.

How cute.
You don’t understand, I cherish the relationship between these two SO MUCH.

Sure they’ve had their little clashes now and then, mostly because Juvia still sees her as a “Love Rival” for Gray,
but in the end they care about each other as though they were sisters.
And can you blame Lucy for crying like that? She’d just lost a precious friend of hers in a previous battle in which she may never see her again, and just moments ago she’d thought she was going to lose another one.
So yes, Lucy would shed tears for Juvia, because those are tears of relief that basically say, “Thank god, you’re still here with us.”
Wendy Rockin’ her New Do, and still looking just as adorable~♡