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There were never any stairs in front of me. There was only a Cliff.
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I'll jump from the highest spot.
As high as possible, so that I can go as far as possible.
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The Next Captain…?

Again, this is just wishful thinking based on conjectures, but what if it’s Ennoshita who becomes the next captain after Daichi?

At first, my sister  and I had debated that it was between Nishinoya and Tanaka, considering they’ve demonstrated some really good traits of a captain in the past.

But then we thought about this part of the chapter in which Furudate seems to focus a panel on Ennoshita after Daichi’s incredible demonstration of his consistent and reliable receives.

For all we know Ennoshita has always looked up to their captain, and had joined the team because of him. Though that’s yet to be even proven, it could be a possibility.

Based on his stats he’s also a very average player, and even with his fairly tall height, he’s got two first years who exceed him now.

However even though he’s not as exceptional as most of the players on the team now ((sound familiar???)), he’s shown quite clearly how very calming and reliable he can be to everyone, especially for Hinata and Kageyama.

Plus you can be certain he could keep Nishinoy and Tanaka in line when they fly off the handle with their boundless energy, so that skillset is definitely of a captain material; or at the very least a fusion of Daichi and Suga’s best traits.

And who knows, maybe he’ll ask Daichi to practice with him so that he can inherit his incredible receives when he graduates.

I just don’t want him to be so overshadowed in their last year that people will forget his merit, and I definitely hope that he will be the one to take on the position of captain one day.

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