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There were never any stairs in front of me. There was only a Cliff.
That's why...if I'm going to jump down anyway,
I'll jump from the highest spot.
As high as possible, so that I can go as far as possible.
[• 花礫 •]

A Little Green Witch & Her Cage

Just as she thought that her performance would finally earn her the freedom of traveling the world that she’d dreamed of for years, Wolfram firmly repeats to her the law that binds them to this place.

Even if she had carried out her duty properly as they had asked her to, the village’s old ways continue to keep her and her butler chained to this place regardless of her success.

And even as she reluctantly returns to this caged life of hers, it’s obvious how painfully she wants to leave this place after meeting someone like Ciel and his companions.


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